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de Hoyos, Angela


Angela de Hoyos Collection

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Pan American Art Galleries Print
Print of building façade that reads "Pan American Art Galleries." Signed Sandoval.

African Girl Print
Print of Black woman's profile. The woman is wearing jewelry.

Viva Kennedy Political Cartoon Christmas Card
An illustrated card with cartoons of Christmas themed U.S. and world political events.

Lazo De Amor Drawing
A colored pencil drawing of two hands foregrounding pyramid design. A ribbon weaves over the wrists and reads: Lazo de Amor

La Femme Connection Drawing
A pencil drawing of the interlocking heads of three women. They have a third eye at the center of the central forehead. Three flowers crown their hair and three flowers line the central neck. The words La Femme Connection are written twice.

Father with Many Children Cartoon
A pencil sketch of a distressed man surrounded with children. Accompanying text reads: "Don't feel badly...somebody's got to populate the world!." One the lower register "What... another baby again?" is crossed out and revised to read "What...…

Madre Tierra Drawing
A pencil drawing of Mother Earth figure cradling a globe while seated. Four crescent moons surround her and ribbons at her feet read: "Madre Tierra""Mother Earth"

Unfinished Self Portrait
An unfinished self portrait made in pastels

Self Portrait On Display in Studio
Photograph of Angela de Hoyos' oil self portrait on display with a sign that reads "Kopper Kraft Studio/La Villita Arts and Crafts Center"

Portrait of Unknown Male
Oil painting on canvas, ca. 1947. Signed Sandoval. Displayed at the 17th Annual Local Arts Exhibition, Witte Museum.
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