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Latina Beauty Queens


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Latina Beauty Queens is a digital archive that has preserved photographs from the Emilio Sarabia collection, along with beauty advertisements, columns, and more from American-Hispanic newspapers. The collection highlights how gender roles and expectations affected the growing upper middle class Hispanic-American women in the 20th century.


Sarabia, Jose
Heart, Alicia


Sarabia Collection, Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage
Hispanic American Newspapers


Sarabia, Emilio


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Collection Items

El Concurso de Belleza y Simpatía
Announcement of beauty competition with images of the contestants.

Bellezas Mexicanas
Cover of Gaceta Mexicana with black and white photograph of Señorita Elena Santander. There is a a sticker or label at the bottom that reads "Future Mrs. Curtis Farrington."

[Photograph of a queen with roses]
Several women in costume. May be a pageant, possibly related to benefit society. The label reads: "Crowning of Queen, Note: Mayor Louie Welch"

[Photograph of María Teresa I]
The published announcement of María Teresa winning the paegent. María Teresa is pictured throughout this collection.

[Photograph of two women in costume]
Two woman in costume and crowns. On the left is a woman with fair skin and on the right woman with dark skin, possibly May 1966.

[Photograph of a queen being awarded]
Several woman are dressed in paegent costumes. The queen is awarded something with her court in background.

[Photograph of a queen being crowned]
Woman in costume with crown, roses, septor, and cape. She is not pictured in the collection again.

[Photograph of Leticia Reyna]
Two women, with the middle women holding roses, and wearing a crown and a long cape. Woman on the left is wearing a sash that says "Benito Juarez." Unidentified male on the right, likely a date or dance partner.

[Photograph of Disecliva 1984-85]
Multiple older people surround a woman wearing a crown in the middle. Multiple woman are wearing a sash and gold ribbons.

[Photograph of people dancing ]
Possibly a debutante ball. Multiple woman are wearing crowns and dancing with their dates.
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