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Candy Torres was the first Latina Engineer to work for NASA. In a time and place where women scientists were unheard of, she surmounted every odd to become a successful woman in the space industry. This collection highlights her career and time at NASA as it follows Candy Torres' adventures and tribulations.


Torres, Candy




Torres, Candy


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Houston, Texas
NASA Space Center

Collection Items

Candy Torres in a NASA Panel
Candy Torres is participating in a NASA press conference. She is sitting in the panel with a navy suit, surrounded by fellow co-workers.

Arrival of NASA Space Craft
A NASA space craft is arriving at the space center runway. The space craft is on board an airplane and is making its way down the runway.

Candy Torres at NASA Space Craft Launch
Candy Torres doing a report awaiting the launch of space craft in 1986.

Launching of Space Craft
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space craft seconds after initial launch.

NASA set  up for Space Craft Launch
Cameras are being stationed and everyone is setting up to be ready for the space craft departure.

Photograph of space museum
Visitors walking around and viewing images of artifacts and images of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) work at the space center museum.

Candy Torres working in NASA Control Center
Candy Torres working on the software at NASA control unit for space crafts that have launched (or are about to launch) to make sure everything is functioning properly.

STS 51A Press conference
Astronauts Anna Lee Fisher and Joseph Allen answering questions by reporters in Bldg 2 - Public Affairs Office.

Space Shuttle
Candy Torres is sitting at the entrance of a space shuttle.

Candy Torres Receiving an Award
Candy Torres is being recognized for her work. She is being awarded a pin by a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) administrator in a ceremonial manner.
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