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An advertisemnt showing a speciality "Robin Hood" inspired lipstick avalible at Harwood Gift Shop.

An advertisemnt showing a sale on health and beauty items at Rexall drug and general store.

An advertisement for a new liquid lipstick avalible at Central Drug general store.

latb0026 1.2.jpg
Beauty tips, tonics, and cosmetics for the Spanish speakers in San Antonio, Texas.

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Multiple advertisments for beauty products aimed at the Spanish-speaking community in San Antonio, Texas.

An advertisemnt and mail-in application for a beauty contest taking place New Mexico and Colorado.

An advertisement for a beauty paegent, along with a mail-in application. The ad is in Spanish and is from 1894.

Photograph of María Teresa being crowned by the previous queen. Both women are wearing costumes with ornate crowns on their heads.

Photograph of what is likely a father and daughter dance. María Teresa is pictured dancing with an older man, the throne visible in the background.

Photograph of previous queen smiling and clapping. She is wearing a crown and is sitting on a throne.
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