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Letter from W.J. Everitt to Superintendent L.A. Woods discussing the issue of overcrowding at the school in Pleasanton, Texas and the lack of teacher availability. Due to overcrowding in the Anglo-American classrooms and lack of teachers, the Latin…

Reseach completed by the President of L.U.L.A.C council 16 and the Chairman for the Committee on Public School Buildings and Playgrounds. Information highlights "gross discrimination of students in the western part of the city" and the need for new…

Letter to L.A. Woods from Alonso Perales regarding the lack of response from the Pleasanton Board of Education to a group of citizens and taxpayers of Pleasanton, Texas.

Letter to Alonso Perales from L.A. Woods which mentions the letter written to W. J. Everitt, Superintendent of Schools in Pleasanton, Texas dated October 18th. L.A. Woods believes that the school district is interested in “doing the right thing” and…
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