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To Hon. J. T. Canales, Brownsville, Texas, from [Missing], 509 Alamo National Bldg., May 13, 1932.



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To Hon. J. T. Canales, Brownsville, Texas, from [Missing], 509 Alamo National Bldg., May 13, 1932.


LEAGUE of United Latin American Citizens
CANALES, J. T. (Jose Tomas), 1877-1976
CONFERENCES & conventions


Letter to Hon J.T. Canales from [Perales, Alonso S.] regarding L.U.L.A.C's San Antonio Convention. The letter includes a list of Council member names and their respective officers from 39 different LULAC Councils.


[Perales, Alonso A.]





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SAN Antonio (Tex.)



509 Alamo National Bldg.
May 13, 1932.

Hon. J.T. Canales,
Brownsville, Texas

Dear Friend:

I am wondering what you have decided regarding the Special Convention. If you are determined to hold it in San Antonio, please let me know at once in order that I may go ahead with the preparations. I received the program, articles, etc.

The Secretaries of the various Councils, according to Lulac News, are as follows: (A.A., Garza and Valencia promised me a list of the Councils and their respective officers, but have not fulfilled their promise up to this writing; however, I believe the Lulac News list is reliable enough):

No.1 - Corpus Christi; Andres de Luna, P.O Box 1283.
No.2 - San Antonio: Juan C. Solis, 609 Houston Bldg.
No.3 - Brownsville; Federico Recio
No.4 - McAllen; J. Luz Saenz, President (Secretary Unknown)
No.5 - Mission; Roberto E. Austin, 422 Lomita Avenue.
No.6 - Grulla; Isaac Longoria, President
No.7 - Encino; E.V. Longoria, President
No.8 - Alice; Fortino Trevino, President
No.9 - Robstown; E.H. Marin, President
No.10 - Edinburg; M.B. Bravo, President
No.11 - Falfurrias; Juan V. Gonzalez, President
No.12 - [Illegible - Floresville]; [Illegible - Lino] Cuellar, President
No.13 - Sugarland; Leo G. Ramirez, President, P.O. Box 121.
No. 14 - Laredo, Eduardo Idar, President.
No. 15 - San Diego; E.E. Peña, Secretary.
No.16 - J. Reynolds Flores, President, Crystal City, P.O Box 535.
No. 17 - Uvalde; T.F. Torres.
No. 18 - Del Rio; Sergio Gonzalez, President, 409 Rubio St.
No. 19 - Eagle Pass; T.H. Gonzalez, Secretary, P.O. Box 323.
No.20 - Rio Grande; George Lund, Secretary.
No.21 - M.L. Reyna, President, Peñitas.
No.22 - Roma; Flavio Palacios, President
No.23 - Hebbronville; Rafael M. Garcia, President
No.24 - Kingsbille; Alfonso Salazar, President
No.25 - Sarita; Eduardo Lopez, Secretary.
No.26 - Marfa; Encarnacion Segura, President.
No. 27 - San Angelo; H.M. Johnston, Secretary.
No.28 - Ozona; Sam Martinez, President; Andres Aguirre, Secretary.
No.29 - Sonora; Francisco Farias, President; Aldolfo Flores, Secretary.
No.30 - Sequin; Policarpio Suarez, Secretary.
No.31 - Ramon Diaz, President, Dilley, Texas.
No.32 - Faustino Rendon, Secretary, Harlingen.
No.33 - Mercedes; J.M. Chapa, Secretary.
No.34 - Donna; Antonio Ochoa, Secretary.
No.35 - Benavides; Jesus M. Cadena, Secretary.


No.36 - Cotulla; Agapito Morales, Secretary.
No.37 - Hondo; Candelario Barrientes, President.
No.38 - Lockhart; Leonides Acevedo, Secretary.
No.39 - Gonzales; Genaro Treviño, Secretary.

MUSHROOM COUNCILS: Edinburg No._____; Mission No. _____; La [Illegible - Hoya or Joya] and San Manuel.


Mr. Valencia has called on me several times. I told him to go ahead and continue as Director of Publicity, but he says he cannot do so until you and the San Antonio gang reach a friendly settlement. They did not like that part of your article which says that the hydra tried to bite again - this time in Hebbronville. They say you are rubbing it into the San Antonio Council. Personally, I think it is just an excuse for not cooperating with you, the real reason being that they lost the presidency.

If you definitely decide to hold the Special Convention in San Antonio on the 22nd instant, please telegraph me on receipt of this if you have not already written me about it.

With warmest personal regards and best wishes, I remain

Sincerely your friend,


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