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Flyer advertising the Spanish-language Baptist radio show, La hora bautista with Reverend James L. Novarro, broadcast daily at 4:45pm on KLVL Houston. The flyer describes Novarro as a preacher, friend, counselor and philanthropist. It includes a…

Photograph of Reverend James L. Novarro and mayoral candidate Bob Lanier (Robert Clayton Lanier) at an election event. Lanier was a local Houston businessman and millionaire who ran on a platform of improving Houston.

Photograph of Reverend James L. Novarro accepting the Crime Prevention Coalition award for his newspaper, El Sol. El Sol received the award due to its continued efforts toward reducing crime within the Hispanic community.

Photograph of Reverend James L. Novarro with Victor and Silvia Trevino at an election event. Victor Trevino was running for constable of Harris County Precinct 5.

Photograph of a person under a banner which reads, "Su Voto es Su Voz" ["Your vote is your voice"]. "Su Voto es Su Voz" was a slogan popularized by the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP). SVREP's purpose is to act as a nonpartisan…

Photograph depicts a Houston Police Department (HPD) Spanish and culture training event. The purpose of the event was to train HPD how to better respond to and handle cases within the Hispanic community.

Photograph of President Bill Clinton campaigning at a "Adelante con Clinton" rally. Clinton is shown with supporters and two children.

Photograph of President Bill Clinton at the Latino USA event. Henry Cisneros stands behind Clinton.

Photograph of President Ronald Reagan standing at a podium. Vice President George H. W. Bush is pictured on the right.
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