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Photograph of Reverend James L. Novarro and mayoral candidate Bob Lanier (Robert Clayton Lanier) at an election event. Lanier was a local Houston businessman and millionaire who ran on a platform of improving Houston.

Photograph of Reverend James L. Novarro accepting the Crime Prevention Coalition award for his newspaper, El Sol. El Sol received the award due to its continued efforts toward reducing crime within the Hispanic community.

Article appearing in the1953 October/November issue of Texas Hispanic Magazine featuring a biography of James L. Novarro. This feature describes Novarro's life, his involvement with the Baptist Church and social justice movements, and how he gives…

Affidavit signed by Esther López indicating that she was coerced to slander Reverend James L. Novarro's character. López mentions three specific members of the congregation, but also states there are many people in Houston who want to destroy…

The flyer gives a general overview of a Baptist radio program with the objective of spreading the Christian Gospel. The flyer includes several proposed locations to house the program and an outline of the United States and Mexico.

This map shows the range of KLVL, the radio station that aired La Hora Bautista [The Baptist Hour] Radio Program. The program extended as far south as Matagorda Island, Texas and as far east as Lake Charles, Lousiana.

This flyer gives important information about La Hora Bautista [The Baptist Hour] radio program. The program began its daily broadcast on December 1st,1950. At the time the flyer was created, the program was in range of 3,000,000 Spanish speakers with…
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