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2,500 women demonstrated in front of the House of Representatives in Washington against the arms embargo during the Spanish Civil War;

Photography of the journalist Carmen Meana, writer Ramon Sender and José Bergamín, and labor activist Ojier Pretecellie. They are delegates of the Comité Angloamericano Pro Democracia española. They will be touring the USA to raise funds for health…

Photography of the reception for Cuban delegates at the "Club Obrero Español." In the picture from left to right: Juan Marinello, Carmen Meana, Juan Emanuelli, Mirta Aguirre, Nicolás Guillén and Rafael López Rosas.

Photography of Milly Witcop-Rocker with Rudolf Rocker and their daughter-in-law Ruth Robins-Rocker. Ruth is holding her son Philip Rocker.
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