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  • novj0419.jpg

    Black and white photograph of James L. Novarro and a group of men loading disaster relief supplies donated by the Gulfgate Fishermans Club onto a truck bound for Tampico, Mexico after Hurricane Alice in 1954. The men load boxes with labels for soap and coffee.
  • novj0366.jpg

    Newspaper clipping pictures Reverend James L. Novarro loading a truck with material aid and describes how Novarro is contributing to the Tampico Disaster Campaign. Through his radio program, Reverend Novarro called on Houstonians to help those in need.
  • novj0306.jpg

    News clipping details how people came together to donate clothing, materials, and what little money they had to help alleviate the effects of Hurricane Alice in communities along the Rio Grande. The article describes people gathering names of homeless victims to inform their families, distribution of aid materials, and the gratefullness of impacted communities. The photograph included, titled "Only Two Pesos," shows Teodora Castros and Angeline Morales (listed as Mrs. Felix Morales)
  • novj0286.jpg

    Newspaper clipping with photograph and caption in which Reverand James L. Novarro thanks Houstonians for their help in the disaster relief caravan that assisted those affected by Hurricane Alice. The image shows James L. Novarro standing in front of a group of people. Both Angeline Morales and Felix Morales of Radio Station KLVL appear in the photograph.
  • novj0275.jpg

    News clipping that reports the President of México, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines' thanks to the people of Houston for their assistance in disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Alice. The donated provisions reached thousands of people in and around the Rio Grande Valley after Hurricane Alice devestated the area in 1954. 70,000 lbs. of supplies were unloaded and sorted by volunteers. Three hundred (300) families recieved supplies. The president also thanked key figures who were influential in the amount of aid sent to Mexico, including Angeline Morales (wife of Felix Morales) and her son, Joe Morales.
  • novj0272.jpg

    News clipping that describes the relief items sent by the Houston Baptists and other organizations to areas in Mexico and Texas impacted by Hurricane Alice in 1954. The relief effort was led by James L. Novarro, who organized Houston Baptists and the provision of money, food items, and other needed supplies.
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