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To Presdient [Manuel Gonzales], From [Alonso S. Perales], May 4, 1931.



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To Presdient [Manuel Gonzales], From [Alonso S. Perales], May 4, 1931.


LEAGUE of United Latin American Citizens
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Letter to President [Manual Gonzales] from Alonso S. Perales regarding his activities for L.U.L.A.C.


Perales, Alonso S.





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Convention Hall, Edinburg Texas, May 4, 1931.

Mr. President:

With a view of correcting an erroneous impression in the minds of some of my fellow-members that during my incumbency I did nothing for the League of United Latin American Citizens, I am going to read the following list of some of the work done by the President General;

I visited and delivered lectures before the following Councils:

Name of Council No. of Lectures
Rio Grande City 6
Falfurrias 1
Alice 1
San Diego 2.
Grulla 1
Encino 1
Brownsville 1
Del Rio 2
Robstown 1
McAllen 2
Mission 1
Roma 2
Lectured on the Aims and Purposes of our League before the Latin American student body of the College of Arts and Industries, in Kingsville, Texas.

About ten days after delivery of the above lecture a group of interested Latin Americans of Kingsville asked me to come and deliver another lecture on the same subject, which I did.

Lectured on the same subject before the Latin American Club of the University of Texas and conferred with leaders regarding the organization of a Council there. This took place on April 17 t h, and the only reason I did not go back to organize a council was on account of my being very busy making arrangements for our annual Convention.

Lectured on the same subject before the student body and teachers of the Sydney Lanier Junior High School, San Antonio.

Total number of lectures delivered: 25.

Assisted the Mission and Del Rio School Defense Committee, especially in raising funds.

Translated into Spanish the Constitution of our League and supervised its printing.

- 2-

Published Dr. O. Douglas Weeks and Prof. J.C. Loftin’s articles on the League and supervised the printing.

Assisted the Rio Grande City Council in organizing the Roma Council.

Conferred with leaders of our race and laid the foundation for new councils in Houston, Raymondville, Mercedes, Guerra, Hebbronville, San Juan, Kingsville, Riviera and Salineño; and communicated by mail with leaders in Gulf, San Angelo and Wharton with reference to the same subject and furnished them copies of the Aims and Purposes of our Organization.

Issued several circulars and bulletins to the Councils and had same published in the newspapers.

On behalf of our League I sent congratulatory messages to persons who have brought our problems to the attention of our Anglo-Saxon fellow-citizens, such as Prof. Herschel T. Manuel, Prof. J.O. Loftin, C.C. McDaniel, Editor of the McAllen Daily Press, E.E. Foster, Commissioner of Tom Green County, Texas.

Kept in constant communication with leaders of our Organization.

Of all the Councils visited Del Rio was the only one that defrayed my expenses, and I accepted only at the urgent insistence of the members of said Council. All the work was done by me free of charge with the greatest pleasure.

(Alonso. S. Perales) [In parenthesis]
President General, The League
United Latin American Citizens.

[line across the page]

By unanimous vote of the Delegates it was decided to incorporate the forgoing report in the minutes of the Third Annual Convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens.


During his incumbency Mr. Perales was absent from Texas about six months [Handwritten – “about”] for of which he spent abroad.

(page 3)

Some of the things Alonso S. Perales has done for the League of United Latin American Citizens.

1. He has lectured and written upon the unification of Latin American citizens in this country since the year 1920. His efforts have had a great deal of influence in bringing about the consolidation of our people in this country.

2. He was one of the founders of the League of Latin American Citizens founded in Harlingen, Texas, on August 14, 1927.

3. He personally and at his own expense organized the Brownville, Laredo, McAllen and La Grulla Councils of said League.

4. He assisted in founding the other councils of said League.

5. While in Washington, D.C. and Nicaragua in the year 1928 and [Handwritten – the] early part of 1929 he kept in constant communication with the League of Latin American Citizens, the Corpus Christi Council of the Order Sons of American and the Order Knights of American with a view of bringing about the consolidation of the [two e’s in the - crossed out – second “e”] three organizations. His efforts were very influential in effecting said consolidation at Corpus Christi, Texas, on February 17, 1929.

6. In the year 1929, he wrote a series of articles entitled “La Unificación de los Mexico-Americanos”. These articles, which were widely published, assisted greatly in [Handwritten – correcting] many wrong impressions which had arisen regarding the League’s progress of action, and established clearly in the minds of all concerned the real aims and purposes of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

7. Ever since the founding of the League of United Latin American Citizens he has kept in close contact with the various councils of the League and has offered many valuable suggestions and good advice.

8. He has on numerous occasions rendered good service to our race in this country and has, therefore, won the esteem and confidence of our people. He has, therefore, been an asset to the League.

9. On January 29, 1930, Mr. Perales disinterestedly rendered invaluable service to our people in Washington in connection with the proposed immigration legislation. He refuted certain slanderous statements made concerning our race. In doing so, he faithfully lived up to Principles 7, 8, 9, Article II of the Constitution of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

10. He is one of the founders of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

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