Festival de Mujeres 1979 Collection

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Festival de Mujeres 1979 Collection


Seif, Hinda
Solís, Diana


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Pilsen, Chicago, IL

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Evening street dancing with Disco Music Van, Festival de Mujeres 1979
Mostly Latinos of different generations, children with balloons, people watching on stoops, first aid station in foreground, empty food booths with tie-dyed fabric (r.), lights strung from lampposts.

Mujeres Latinas en Acción Open House wth 'Aunt' Grace González (center), Pilsen, Chicago, 1977
For opening of newly rehabbed office on 800 block of 17th St. Outdoor shot.

Mujeres Latinas en Acción Open House, Pilsen, Chicago, 1977
For opening of newly rehabbed office on 800 block of 17th St. Indoor shot. Luz Prieto toward center rear facing right with long shirt. Gwen Stern to her right in jumper dress. Dr. Jorge Prieto (1918-2001), Luz Prieto's father, at foreground table…

Christmas self-portrait with other staff, Mujeres Latinas en Acción, Pilsen, Chicago, IL, 1979
From left to right, standing: Josephine Vargas, Elena Sarabia, unknown woman, unknown woman, Maria Heinz (Mangual, 1944-2007), Gwen Stern, Linda Roldan (pointing at the camera), Diana Solís and unknown woman. Seated is Diane Avila.

Festival de Mujeres 1979 Poster "In celebration of what we as women have done, are doing and can do!"
Festival de Mujeres Poster. Graphic artist: Mercedes Corona. Based on photographs by Diana Solís. Poster sponsored by Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

Poses for Festival de Mujeres 1979 poster
Location: 17 St. in Pilsen. Lower rght: Elga Chavez. Lower left: "Helo" Nieto.

Festival de Mujeres 1979 Program
4 pg. program with location, list of participating organizations, entertainment schedule, and Festival map.

Food vendors, Festival de Mujeres
Long view of Festival from food booths

Mujeres Son Personas… No Propiedad/Women are People... Not Property
Man with balloon on stoop at Festival de Mujeres

Applause as Salima Rivera (front, L.) and Marta Collazo (seated, R. of Rivera) read poetry, Festival de Mujeres
Diane Avila (middle L. with purple shirt), Bonnie Rhodes (in red shirt), Domingo, husband of Yolanda who worked at MLEA (in WLS T-shirt), Karen Peugh videotaping (front R.)
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