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  • Collection: Fighting Fascist Spain: The Exhibits

An Italian fascist in the Spanish Civil war dies but succeeds to burn books. The caption says "Queipo de Llano, the parrot of Sevilla, drawn by our comrade Couto."

Un obispo bendice un soldado de la Guardia Mora de Franco. Está pisando una figura de Cristo en el crucifijo y se apoya en una bayoneta que se clava en la cara de Dios. La leyenda dice "En nombre de Jesus Nuestro Señor yo te bendigo".

Franco is driving a carriage pulled by his supporters. It contains a big bag of dollars for fascist countries, the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the economic elite. It has the Spanish flag, and the Falangist motto "Arriba España," a Catholic cross,…

Benito Mussolini is giving the Italian people fishbones while he spends the country's wealth in war armament. The people ask for clemency and the Duce says sacrifices must be made for Italy

Adolf Hitler is drawn as a prehistoric man eating human flesh. The leg he is eating is "imported from Barcelona." A river of blood runs to the forefront.

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini are drawn as baby snakes hatching from eggs in Germany and Italy. Once in Spain, these snakes are decapitated.

Czechoslovakia is drawn as a woman impersonating the republic. It is sold by England and France to Hitler, who takes her while he hides a dagger behind his back.

Dibujo alegórico de Hitler ocupando Checoslovaquia. Está dibujado como un sátiro y ha sacrificado la paz y a Checoslovaquia en un altar de sacrificio cubierto por el Tratado de Munich.
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