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A man is doing multiple jobs at one time. He is writing with his left hand. Holding a nail with his left foot as he hammers it with his right hand. He is also typewriting with his left foot.

A Banner saying "New Franco's Autarchy" runs perpendicular in the middle of the cartoon. On the top a rich man, a falangist, an Opus Dei priest, and a military man in black and they are holding their big stomachs with their hands. After crossing the…

A rich man with the words "Frankist State" on his coat shows his little boy a cake on a shop, while a poor child begs him.

A child in rags is in the front while the church, the military, and the oligarchy run away. The caption reads "Franco Regime."

An imperial eagle flies away with money bags in its talons and Franco cannot detain it. The caption reads, "The Imperial Eagle flies … to Switzerland."

An American and a Spaniard cross paths. The reader can see their thoughts in bubbles. Although they look quite alike, the Spaniard sees a cowboy, and the American sees a Torero;

Franco is next to a Christmas tree with fascist decorations: swastikas, the three-cornered hat of the Civil Guard, a tank, a Stuka, the Falange insignia, a revolver, a football, a skull, and the fascist slogan “Arriba España.” Instead of garlands,…

A man is standing on a banner that reads "Spanish Science 1961." The Falangist yoke and arrows with "Death to Intelligence" written on them are piercing his neck.
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