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  • Tags: España Libre (New York, 1939-1977)

Walking in a small Spanish town, a man jokes about the peseta's fate. In the background, a fat priest is walking. The dialogue in the caption says, "Where has the peseta gone?" "To the Valley of the Fallen."

Three political prisoners are in a small cell with a leaking ceiling. Their clothes are ragged and they look tired. In reference to a recent Franco's speech, the caption says "Twenty more years … He wants to kill any hope left."

A big drawing of a militiaman in the background protects two little boys sitting at the front of the drawing. The caption says "The soldier's worries: the homeland and the family ... Let's help him."

Franco is holding a half moon, which symbolizes his Moorish Guard. Instead of a horse, he is sitting on a pile of donkey manure. The drawing was first published in Bombas de mano (1938) to illustrate a satirical poem mocking Franco.
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