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  • Tags: España Libre (New York, 1939-1977)

Walking in a small Spanish town, a man jokes about the peseta's fate. In the background, a fat priest is walking. The dialogue in the caption says, "Where has the peseta gone?" "To the Valley of the Fallen."

Three political prisoners are in a small cell with a leaking ceiling. Their clothes are ragged and they look tired. In reference to a recent Franco's speech, the caption says "Twenty more years … He wants to kill any hope left."

Illustration of José Castilla Morales's short story "Daybreak of July 19th in the consulate street" about the people's defense of the Republic the day after Francisco Franco's uprising.

A big drawing of a militiaman in the background protects two little boys sitting at the front of the drawing. The caption says "The soldier's worries: the homeland and the family ... Let's help him."

Franco is holding a half moon, which symbolizes his Moorish Guard. Instead of a horse, he is sitting on a pile of donkey manure. The drawing was first published in Bombas de mano (1938) to illustrate a satirical poem mocking Franco.
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