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A man is constructing a Spanish Civil War shelter with iron donated by the members of the Confederated Hispanic Societies (CHS) in the Republican zone. Iron will be sent to Spain in the campaign "American Relief Ship for Spain;"

A Falangist is doing the Roman salute and wears a shirt with a big yoke-and-arrow emblem of the Falange on the left side. His stomach is big signifying his upper class, his feet are moving like a child, which implies his low cognitive capabilities.

The cartoon shows the supporters of monarchy - the conservative intellectuals, the Church, the Civil Guards, and the rural oligarchy.

The caption says, "The Tragic Foursome who Want the Restoration of the Monarchy in Spain." It is a reprint from…

Refugees are in French camps. Colonial troops are watching them. The illustration is accompanied by the text "United for the refugees," which explains the context of the image.

Hitler is sitting on a throne of skulls and wears a Viking hat under a sun with a swastika on it. Two commanders of the SS are next to him. The footnote says, "The NEW ORDER 'Emperor' shows his true colors with his 'victorious' commanders.
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