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Letter from Octavio R. Garcia to Alonso S. Perales regarding the unsanitary conditions in a public school designated for Mexican-American children and the school board members' refusal to fulfill their promises to give them a new building and other…

Letter from D. Vargas to Alonso S. Perales listing public establishments where people of Mexican descent are discriminated, including Palace Theatre, Hagans Barber Shop, Spur Barber Shop, Cayces Barber Shop, Johnsons Barber Shop, City Drug Co., Red…

Letter from Antonio B. Valdéz to [Alonso S. Perales] listing the names of people who were discriminated against at Steak House restaurant because they were of Mexican descent. Additionally, Valdéz mentions the segregation that occurs in Robstown…

Letter from Alejandro Jaramillo to Alonso S. Perales informing him that in Coleman, Texas, the only establishments that serve people of Mexican descent are Victory Cafe, Fatty's Hamburger Stand, and a billiards hall. Additionally, Jaramillo mentions…

Letter from A.D. Montagu to Alonso S. Perales regarding an elementary school in Geronimo, Texas which does not admit children of Mexican descent. The author adds that Stareke Park in Seguin, Texas prevents entry to people of Mexican descent.

Letter from Mrs. Charles Keller to an editor, expressing her dislike towards Mexican-Americans and integration in neighbourhoods, seeking for restrictions or their removal.

Letter from Graciela Rodriguez to Alonso S. Perales informing him that public schools in Pearland, Texas segregate children of Mexican descent until the 7th grade.

Letter from R. Riojas to Alonso S. Perales regarding the segregation children of Mexican descent face in public schools and the instances in which Mexican Americans were denied access to the community center and library because of their race.

Letter from Jose C. Ramon to Alonso S. Perales informing him about the segregation Mexican-Americans face in the Waco City jail.
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