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This digital collection includes a sampling of archival photographs, flyers, posters and news clippings from the James L. Novarro Collection. Reverend Novarro, a pastor of Houston’s Kashmere Baptist Temple and state chaplain of the Political Association of Spanish-speaking Organizations (PASO), was a civil rights activist, member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), editor of the Spanish-language newspaper El Sol, and host of the first Spanish-language and longest-running radio program, La hora bautista.


Novarro, James L.


James L. Novarro Collection, Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage.




James L. Novarro










Houston, Texas
Galveston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Tampico, Tamaulipas (Mexico)

Collection Items

Facts and Figures about the Latin American Baptist Radio Program
This flyer gives important information about La Hora Bautista [The Baptist Hour] radio program. The program began its daily broadcast on December 1st,1950. At the time the flyer was created, the program was in range of 3,000,000 Spanish speakers with…

KLVL Coverage Map
This map shows the range of KLVL, the radio station that aired La Hora Bautista [The Baptist Hour] Radio Program. The program extended as far south as Matagorda Island, Texas and as far east as Lake Charles, Lousiana.

Pulpillino "Great Commission" Through The Latin American Baptist Radio Program
The flyer gives a general overview of a Baptist radio program with the objective of spreading the Christian Gospel. The flyer includes several proposed locations to house the program and an outline of the United States and Mexico.

Novarro is the one for District One Vote Novarro
Flyer advertising James Novarro's District One representative political campaign. It lists Novarro's prior experience qualifications (Baptist, publisher, community organizer, etc.).

Proclamation for El Sol Anniversary Day
Proclamation by Houston mayor Louie Welch establishing El Sol [de Houston] Anniversary Day. El Sol was the oldest and largest bilingual newspaper in the Southwest at that time.

An Important Clarification
Affidavit signed by Esther López indicating that she was coerced to slander Reverend James L. Novarro's character. López mentions three specific members of the congregation, but also states there are many people in Houston who want to destroy…

El Sol Celebrates 22 Years
News clipping that describes the bilingual Hispanic newspaper, El Sol, and its history. El Sol was established in 1965 and was the longest running bilingual newspaper in the US Southwest.

Flood Relief
News clipping that describes the relief items sent by the Houston Baptists and other organizations to areas in Mexico and Texas impacted by Hurricane Alice in 1954. The relief effort was led by James L. Novarro, who organized Houston Baptists and the…

Gracias From El Presidente
News clipping that reports the President of México, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines' thanks to the people of Houston for their assistance in disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Alice. The donated provisions reached thousands of people in and around the Rio…

A Moment of Prayer
Newspaper clipping with photograph and caption in which Reverand James L. Novarro thanks Houstonians for their help in the disaster relief caravan that assisted those affected by Hurricane Alice. The image shows James L. Novarro standing in front of…
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