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Franco is next to a Christmas tree with fascist decorations: swastikas, the three-cornered hat of the Civil Guard, a tank, a Stuka, the Falange insignia, a revolver, a football, a skull, and the fascist slogan “Arriba España.” Instead of garlands,…

A man is standing on a banner that reads "Spanish Science 1961." The Falangist yoke and arrows with "Death to Intelligence" written on them are piercing his neck.

A poor boy is at school. On the wall there is a crucifix and "¡Franco!" written three times. Two Civil Guards are watching him with their arms. On the window, European are sad to see this. The caption says, "The United States of Europe will never be…

Three statues are standing together. One is a gorilla wearing an amulet, one is a donkey standing on its back legs and one is a pig sitting in a chair.
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