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A cartoon belittles Franco’s intentions to enter the European Union. An old Franco, dressed in his military uniform, rides an emaciated horse toward the European Union. The horse is blindfolded, and the flies buzzing around it are waiting for its…

In the first panel, Spanish refugee José Nieto Ruiz escapes Spain when Franco is about to cut his throat. A square bubble reads "Anti-Franco Militant." In the second panel, Nieto escapes Cuba when Castro is about to beat him to death. A square bubble…

A man is sitting at a desk. His head resembles the globe. The globe shows the map of Spain as a painful part of his head. A speech bubble says "I hope my 1936 head tumor heals in 1963."

A man who represents public opinion in Spain is bound and guarded by a distracted Civil Guard. A small child holds a blanket that has 1964 written on it. The child tiptoes toward the bound man with a pair of scissors in his hand, ready to set the man…

"Miembros de Pro Democracia Española de Puerto Rico, reciben "España Libre" en el acto conmemorativo de la proclamación de la República. Dicha entidad se reunió el 15 de abril para celebrar la histórica fecha. En la foto, de izquierda a derecha: Sr.…
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