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A man who represents public opinion in Spain is bound and guarded by a distracted Civil Guard. A small child holds a blanket that has 1964 written on it. The child tiptoes toward the bound man with a pair of scissors in his hand, ready to set the man…

A three-panel cartoon. In the first panel, Uncle Sam gives dollars to Franco; in the second, Franco gives them to Castro and buys sugar; in the third, Franco is best friends with Castro and Khrushchev. Uncle Sam is thinking "A leopard never changes…

Dorian Gray.

Francisco Franco, drawn as an old man and self-proclaimed King of Spain, looks at his reflection in his portrait. He sees a young lieutenant who is burning in hell.

The International Commission of Jurists gives Francisco Franco its report entitled El imperio de la Ley (1962) that negatively affects the entry of Spain in the European Economic Community.

Old and smiling Francisco Franco says goodbye to a Spaniard emigrating to Germany. In doing so, the medals on his jacket fall to the floor, symbolizing his disgrace as a statesman. Franco thinks "More Foreign currency." Franco holds a thin, poor, and…
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