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Letter from Pedro Enriquez to Alonso S. Perales regarding his veteran son and two veteran nephews who were arrested, beat, and told to confess to beating an Anglo American by the Fort Worth police. Additionally, Enriquez mentions a previous instance…

Telegraph from [Unknown] accusing Dr. N. T. Gibson of segregating people of Mexican descent in the Robstown Hospital waiting rooms and placing them in dark and uncomfortable rooms.

Letter from Martin G. Gonzalez to Alonso S. Perales regarding the racial discrimination he has faced in Michigan as a farmworker in the beetroot industry.

Letter from H. Garcia to Alonso S. Perales regarding the discrimination people of Mexican descent face at the city's water department, where they receive no paid vacations and no overtime, despite working more than 40 hours a week.

Letter from John J. Herrera to [Alonso S. Perales] regarding the discrimination Sargent Macario Garcia faced in a restaurant where he was refused coffee and hit with a baseball bat on the shoulder during a violent altercation with other customers.…

Letter from Carlos Garcia to Alonso S. Perales regarding the discrimination and violence his brother, Sargent Macario Garcia, faced at an establishment where he was refused service and received an injury to his hand. The author writes that his…

Letter From Alonso S. Perales to Father Birch regarding the discrimination Mexican Americans face in Texas, including residential segregation, exclusion from jury duty, wage inequalities, and voter suppression.

Letter From Vicente Beltrán, a music instructor, to Alonso S. Perales regarding an instance in which he sought medical care at Robert B. Green Hospital for his chronic joint pains and was enrolled in a nursing home without his consent. When…

Letter from [Alonso S. Perales] to Stuart J. Barnes regarding the murders of Mexican American minors by white juveniles and the unjust rulings of the jury in juvenile courts.

Letter from [Illegible] to Alonso S. Perales describing the discrimination people of Mexican descent face in their town's theatre, and asking for his support to better the situation.
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