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Letter From Alonso S. Perales to Father Birch regarding the discrimination Mexican Americans face in Texas, including residential segregation, exclusion from jury duty, wage inequalities, and voter suppression.

Letter from Alonso S. Perales to David Casas offering legal advice and evidence in response to Casa's letter requesting help regarding racial dicrimination in housing.

Letter from David Casas asking Alonso S. Perales for his assistance regarding his lawsuit against a real state company who denied him the right to buy a home on the basis that he was of Mexican descent and not Caucasian.

Letter to the McAllen Real Estate Board from Alonso S. Perales which appeared in Rio Grande City's newspaper, "El Fronterizo." The letter denounced their discrimination of people of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Beatriz Balboa de Espino and Zenobia Silva de Aguirre stating that they visited the Office of R.L. White Co. where they were told they could not rent a house because they were not white.

Affidavit sworn by Perfecto Solis, Jr. that says that he and his wife, Hope Sachtleven, were told they could not buy a home in the Burkshire Addition in San Anotnio, Texas because there was a restrictive clause against people of Latin American…
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