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Letter from Lorenzo Infabrera to the commanding general of his army post complaining about the discrimination in the food hall, where Hispanics and white soldiers were segregated.

Letter to Governor Coke Stevenson from Lorenzo G. Lafarelle, submitting a formal complaint of racial discrimination by Mr. C.W. Davis. manager for a movie theater establishment in Alpine Texas. Mr. Lafarelle is a Sergeant in the Texas State Guard…

Letter to the McAllen Real Estate Board from Alonso S. Perales which appeared in Rio Grande City's newspaper, "El Fronterizo." The letter denounced their discrimination of people of Mexican descent.

Complaint letter written to President Calvin Coolridge detailing the unjust arrest, treatment, and murder of men of Mexican descent in Raymondville, Texas. Accused and arrested for the murder of the Willacy County sheriff, the men were mistreated…
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