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Letter from Francisco Gonzalez to Alonso S. Perales asking about discussions surrounding an anti-discrimination law in Texas. Gonzalez details the discrimination he and other people of Latino descent have experienced in Texas at public…

Letter to Alonso. S. Perales, from Mrs. Eloisa Galan that iterates the Del Rio Ration Board (Civil Service Department) need Spanish speaking clerks to assist those who do not speak English from nearby Spanish speaking communities. She states that…

Letter from Agustín Delgado to Alonso S. Perales that lists establishments that discriminate against people of Mexican descent, including US military veterans in uniform, in Victoria, Texas.

Affidavit sworn by Perfecto Solis, Jr. that says that he and his wife, Hope Sachtleven, were told they could not buy a home in the Burkshire Addition in San Anotnio, Texas because there was a restrictive clause against people of Latin American…

Affidavit sworn by Juan S. González that says that he and Gilberto G. González were refused service at the Spanish Village Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas because they are of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Horacio Guerra that states that he was denied service at the Dinette Restaurant in Hondo, Texas because he was of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Frank E. Riley that states that he and his wife were told to leave the Ray Theater in Hondo, Texas because of their Latin American heritage.

Affidavit sworn by Dolores Garcia de Garcia and Lupe C. Banasau that states that the Manhattan Cafe in Hondo, Texas refused to serve them in July 1946 because they were of Mexican descent.
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