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Affidavit sworn by Juan S. González that says that he and Gilberto G. González were refused service at the Spanish Village Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas because they are of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Horacio Guerra that states that he was denied service at the Dinette Restaurant in Hondo, Texas because he was of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Dolores Garcia de Garcia and Lupe C. Banasau that states that the Manhattan Cafe in Hondo, Texas refused to serve them in July 1946 because they were of Mexican descent.

Affidavit sworn by Daniel Flores González to Alonso S. Perales in which he states that he and two ladies of Mexican descent were refused service at Manhattan Cafe in Bracketville, Texas.

Affidavit sworn by Joseph Robles Ramón and Alfonso Galindo Ramón to Alonso S. Perales that states that they were refused service at the Helotes Dance Hall and Tavern.

Affidavit sworn by Roberto Canales to Alonso S. Perales. that says the owner of Uvalde's Hanger VII Grill told Roberto and Andres Canales that his Anglo American clientele did not approve of him serving Mexicans, so he cannot serve them in his…

Affidavit sworn by Ramón Treviño and José López, Jr. to Alonso S. Perales that states that Ramón Treviño, José López, JrJose Lopez, Jr., Reymundo Cruz, Celestino Cordova, Jr., and Leonardo Ortiz were told that the Oasis Beer Parlor and Recreation…
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