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Letter to J.T. Canales from [PERALES] regarding the drafting of a Constitution for the League and the translation of it into Castilian Spanish.

Letter to Mr. J.T. Canales from [PERALES] requesting the organization create a Constitution and By-Laws. [PERALES} suggests changing the organization's name to the League of American Citizens of Latin Descent.

Letter from Alonso S. Perales to Octavio R. García, providing advice as to how to deal with the unfufilled promises of the School Board to improve the poor conditions of the Navarro school.

A draft copy of the constitution for the United Latin Americans Citizens organization, later to become the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). ca. 1929

Letter to Major General James L. Collins from Alonso Perales, Director General of the League of Loyal Americans regarding the discrimination of U.S. soldiers of Mexican descent. The letter describes how two Mexican Americans, both in United States…
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