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Letter from Alonso S. Perales to the Pleasanton Independent School District, Board of Education regarding segregation of Latin American children from the Anglo American children from grades up to sixth grade.

Letter from Alonso S. Perales to the Honorable Board of Education, Pleasanton Independent School District protesting the segregation of the Latin American Children from the Anglo American Children in school.

Letter to Governor Coke Stevenson from Lorenzo G. Lafarelle, submitting a formal complaint of racial discrimination by Mr. C.W. Davis. manager for a movie theater establishment in Alpine Texas. Mr. Lafarelle is a Sergeant in the Texas State Guard…

Letter from [PERALES, Alonso. S.] to David M. Ortiz related to acts of discrimination taking place in Uvalde, Texas.

Letter from Fernando Riojas García to Alonso S. Perales regarding the defeat of anti-discriminatory state bill proposed by Senator J. Franklin Spears and the need to focus on an alliance of Latinos.

Letter from Pedro Fernandez to Alonso S. Perales, asking him to please translate Social Security Form SS-5 from Spanish to English. The form, published in San Antonio's La Prensa on Nov. 26, 1936, stated that people of Mexican descent should be…

Letter from W.J. Everitt to Superintendent L.A. Woods discussing the issue of overcrowding at the school in Pleasanton, Texas and the lack of teacher availability. Due to overcrowding in the Anglo-American classrooms and lack of teachers, the Latin…
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