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Letter urging Senator Tom Connolly to consider proposing a federal Anti-Race Hatred Law designed to end racial prejudices. This request comes as a response to prejudices witnessed against people of Mexican descent in Texas.

Letter from James L. Collins to Alonso S. Perales stating that Article 157 of the Texas Penal Code makes it an offense to discriminate again anyone wearing a uniform. The law does not apply to discrimination against American soldiers of Mexican…

Letter from Francisco Gonzalez to Alonso S. Perales asking about discussions surrounding an anti-discrimination law in Texas. Gonzalez details the discrimination he and other people of Latino descent have experienced in Texas at public…

Letter to Governor Coke Stevenson from Lorenzo G. Lafarelle, submitting a formal complaint of racial discrimination by Mr. C.W. Davis. manager for a movie theater establishment in Alpine Texas. Mr. Lafarelle is a Sergeant in the Texas State Guard…

Letter from Carlos Reyes B. to Alonso S. Perales regarding the need for an anti-discrimination law to protect people of Mexican descent.
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