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sagrado corazon painting.jpg
Oil on canvas, ca. 1759

Chronicle about Enrique Telechea's medical exam after being drafted for WWII.

Letter from [Illegible] to Alonso S. Perales regarding an instance in which the author was segregated in a clinic's waiting room and placed in the "colored" section along with Black patients.

Letter from [Illegible] to Alonso S. Perales describing the discrimination people of Mexican descent face in their town's theatre, and asking for his support to better the situation.

Envelope addressed to A. [Alonso] S. Perales from Mr. & Mrs. S.V. Lozano in Raymondville, Texas, postmarked 15 October 1943. This envelope cannot be definitively matched to any of the letters in the Alonso S. Perales Collection.

Envelope addressed to Mr. Alonso S. Perales from an unknown sender at the Good Neighbor Commission of Texas in Austin, Texas, postmarked 24 February 1949. Written across the front of the envelope are the words "Mr. Penrosa file." This note suggests…

Letter to Hon J.T. Canales from [Perales, Alonso S.] regarding L.U.L.A.C's San Antonio Convention. The letter includes a list of Council member names and their respective officers from 39 different LULAC Councils.

Letter from [PERALES, Alonso. S.] to David M. Ortiz related to acts of discrimination taking place in Uvalde, Texas.
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