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Letter from David M. Ortiz to Alonso S. Perales regarding an incident of discrimination in which veterans of Mexican descent were refused service at Grill No.7 Cafe because of their race.

Letter from Alonso S. Perales to Honorable Carl R. Gray requesting a federal investigation regarding two veterans who were discharged from the Rio Grande School for Veterans before they could claim their two-weeks paid vacation, and whose intended…

Affidavit sworn by Joseph Robles Ramón and Alfonso Galindo Ramón to Alonso S. Perales that states that they were refused service at the Helotes Dance Hall and Tavern.

Affidavit sworn by Perfecto Solis, Jr. that says that he and his wife, Hope Sachtleven, were told they could not buy a home in the Burkshire Addition in San Anotnio, Texas because there was a restrictive clause against people of Latin American…

Affidavit sworn by Ramón Treviño and José López, Jr. to Alonso S. Perales that states that Ramón Treviño, José López, JrJose Lopez, Jr., Reymundo Cruz, Celestino Cordova, Jr., and Leonardo Ortiz were told that the Oasis Beer Parlor and Recreation…
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