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Fighting Fascist Spain -- The Exhibits is an online collection and multimedia public-facing interpretive exhibits that recover, preserve, and make US Hispanic antifascist print culture available. These exhibits focus on the Sociedades Hispanas Confederadas, their periodicals, and support networks.

FFSTE visualizes workers' protest fashioned by their alternative intellectual, cultural, and political traditions and institutions: grassroots associations, the alternative press, and the comic and farcical theater. All of which provided opportunities for antifascist activism in the United States. The Exhibit does not merely recover evidence of workers’ antifascist visual culture but helps articulate how their politics and culture shaped knowledge from below. Worker antifascism is honored by anti-elitist, anti-capitalist, and anti-patriarchal perspectives. 

FFSTE supports antifascist researchers, descendants, and the general interested public in their efforts to recover information on victims of fascism, expresses historical justice, and dignifies the victims' and antifascists' voices and perspectives. Ultimately, FFSTE disseminates antifascist culture and history to avoid the spread of fascism.

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