Rivero Gil, Francisco



How to cite the exhibit: "Francisco Rivero Gil" in Montse Feu. "Fighting Fascist Spain --The Exhibits." Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Digital Collections. http://usldhrecovery.uh.edu/exhibits/show/fighting-fascist-spain--the-ex. Accessed [DATE].

España Libre published the elegantly drawn originals and reprints by Francisco Rivero Gil (1899-1972). Rivero Gil published his artistic production in various Spanish periodicals and designed posters before going into exile in France. He was a “member of the underground” and “warrior against the nazis.” Rodolfo Llopis saved him from concentration camps (“Nuestros Artistas”, 1960: 1-2). He worked on periodicals in Colombia's Dominican Republic and finally moved to Mexico. For most of his life, he illustrated numerous books and movie posters. He sent his cartoons by mail to the editor of España Libre, González Malo.

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Rivero Gil, Francisco