José Nieto Ruiz

José Nieto: “I Never Knew There Were so Many Reds in New York”

José Nieto Ruiz (1937 Orihuela, Alicante) arrived in New York in 1962 and volunteered as a staff member in the exile newspaper España Libre until 1977, the year of the first democratic elections after Franco in Spain. The interview is part of an academic research project about the Confederadas. My conversations with Nieto Ruiz have allowed me to learn firsthand about the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist solidarity and cultural production in the United States.

Nieto Ruiz laughs helplessly when he narrates some of the absurd situations he has lived in. Despite the adversities of his life and the twists of fate, his sense of humor, devoid of any sarcasm, proves that he has never been a defeated man. His account also is a testament that he benefited from the solidarity of anti-fascist transnational networks. In this interview, he talks about his arrival in the United States and his career in New York as a television producer and documentary maker.

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González Malo and Nieto Ruiz researched and brought attention to the El caso Moreno Barranco.

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José Nieto Ruiz