Aurelio Pego

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Aurelio Pego (Aurelio Antonio Pego Canido) (Valladolid 1896 - La Coruña 1978) escaped a military family and life in Spain by migrating to the United States in 1918. Soon after Pego arrived in New York, he started voluntarily corresponding for Spanish newspapers to get experience. He wrote genres in demand: immigration chronicles. He began to write commissioned pieces for numerous papers in the Americas and Spain two years later.

Since his arrival, Pego was also an active participant in the Hispanic social scene of the city. In 1924, Pego was New York Club Galicia’s secretary, affiliated with the confederation of Hispanic Societies, a confederation of workers and grassroots organizations. In the United States, I corresponded for several Hispanic newspapers and worked as a clerk in several businesses. In an article published in CNT (Mexico), Pego admitted that he would have preferred to devote his writing career entirely to labor newspapers, but he had to make a living.