Carmen Aldecoa


Aldecoa was a recovery scholar who made sure to document anarchist and worker’s contributions. Aldecoa and her husband anarcho-syndicalist Jesús González Malo established a close friendship with the Rocker family. In the front page of the April 22, 1956 issue of the exile periodical España Libre in Toulouse, Aldecoa recognized Milly Witcop, Jewish anarcho-syndicalist, feminist, writer and activist, and companion of anarcho-syndicalist and German exile Rudolf Rocker. To the patriarchal expectations of the time, Aldecoa presents Witcop as the passionate complement to Rocker, the thinker. However, when the article continues in the inside pages, the tone clearly changes. Her last sentence, reclaims Witcop as the creator of Rocker: “Milly Witcop, the fragile and pale girl; all feeling and commitment, has given us Rodolfo Rocker!” With this sentence, Aldecoa acknowledged Witcop as the paperwoman and political thinker that wrote with Rocker (Aldecoa April 22, 1956).

Aldecoa cooperated with several U.S. aid initiatives to support political refugees, as for instance, the Spanish Refugee Aid (SRA), led by her friend Nancy Mcdonald. The SRA raised over $5 million and aided 5,500 cases.

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Carmen Aldecoa